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Learn how to take your own high-quality product photos for your handmade shop with a simple, customizable 5-step smartphone workflow. 




I know you are tired...

You're a handmade seller running the whole show all by yourself. I know you don't have the time or the money to become a pro when it comes to every aspect of your business. I also know that product photography is one aspect you just can't seem to get right no matter how many tips and tricks you try. Photography is a highly technical skill that is causing you a great deal of frustration, and making you feel overwhelmed because you just can't get the results you want. I know you are tired of losing sales because your images don't accurately represent the quality of your product.


√  You try to take your own product photos but the end result is never what you visualized in your mind. And if (by some small chance) you get a great image, you have no clue how to get the same results again. 
√  You don't understand why your images look blurry or why your product gets cut out of the image once you upload them to a platform. And what the heck is up with the color? This is not what it looked like in editing!
√  You don't have a lot of money to buy fancy equipment even though that's what they say to do. Instantly, you feel defeated. Without fancy equipment, how will you ever be able to take high-quality images like the pros? 
√  You want a personalized solution for your product that fits your need, but every training out there is one-size-fits-all with no personalized help, leaving you feeling stuck and even more confused. 
√  You don't have the time to dig and dig through blogs, YouTube videos, or pins to find the help specific to your needs as a handmade seller. 
√  You have no idea what props to use, how to style them, or how to compose your images. Everything you do just doesn't look right. 
√  Your lighting never looks right, no matter how many tips and tricks you try. 
√  You don't know what editing software to use or what any of the tools actually do. 
√  You have really dark shadows of your product in your images and you don't know how to soften them. 
√  No matter what you do you can never achieve that perfect white background. Your background always looks gray and dull. 


I want you to imagine a life where... 

√  You can replicate the process of creating high-quality product photos that replace the in-person buying experience. 
  You know how to properly edit your images for each platform so your brand and shop looks professional. 
  You know how to properly use the equipment you already have to take high-quality images just like the pros. You heard me right! 
√  You have a coach that provides personalized solutions based on your product and your need. A coach that is there to answer questions each step of the way.
  You no longer have to go searching for answers because every question you have about taking high-quality product photos for your shop can be answered all in one place. 
√  You know exactly what props to use for your product photos and how to place them, so that your audience is captivated by your images and doesn't think twice about clicking the "add to cart" button. 
  You finally have an understanding of light, its properties and how to modify most conditions to get that perfect light for your products. 
√  You know how to take high-quality images that barely need editing, so that the actual time it takes to edit an image is like nothing. 
√  You have more money and more time to put back into creating — the reason you started your business in the first place! 
√  Product photography becomes an extension of the creative work you do, and you actually look forward to the process. 

Sounds like a dream, right?!

Now, STOP imagining and make it a reality



the last product photography course you will buy

Save time and money by learning how to take your own product photos with my complete, customizable 5-step smartphone workflow.  



The same workflow I used while running my successful handmade business even though I am a photography pro with all sorts of fancy cameras and equipment! 


product photography coach 

I love helping handmade sellers build their dreams. With my experience as a successful handmade seller on Etsy and my 18 years of photography experience, I have designed a simple and effective workflow for taking high-quality images that captivate the audience you are meant to serve.

what my lovies have to say...

"I have learned so much with Kristina. I started with the viewpoint of a photographer (albeit a nature photographer) and found myself with some fairly technical questions to get the most out of my product photography. She has been so helpful and willing to just jump right in and mimic my setup and products to find what works best. She sincerely cares about good results for everybody and puts the work in."

Lis Bokt

"Kristina is such a genuine, generous and resourceful lady. I'm so glad I found her course, I've learnt so much and my shop is looking to have a bright future thanks to her. Highly recommended."

Rebecca Bryany

"Kristina is the real deal! Not only does she provide top-notch education related to photography, but she is 100 percent behind each and every one of her students so we all succeed. Kristina is a genuine person and a successful businesswoman who ran a very profitable handmade business. She kindly shares her wisdom on a wealth of strategies related to running a handmade business. She is extremely generous in her time, always caring to her students, and she never seems to mind if your question deviates a bit from photography as she understands that to be successful in this competitive, online selling world, you need to be firing on all cylinders in all aspects of your business. With Kristina, you really feel like your goals matter to her, and she takes joy in seeing everyone flourish. She also understands the need to pace yourself and not burn out! I would not hesitate to buy and go all-in with any course, blog, group, etc. that Kristina is running. She is really one-of-a-kind!"

Carol Hoey

"Kristina has helped me so much with her detailed and professional tips. She does it in a nice way, so you want to learn more and improve. I struggled with photography for years, and since watching her videos, things start to click and fall into place."

Sylvia Katvala

"Kristina's photography course is great and she is an amazing person to work with. She is always there to help you and give you feedback. I will continue to follow her and take her courses."

Lynne Rowe

"Kristina has so much talent and gives it freely! I’m learning so much and having fun too with her sweet personality and her talent with photography, she’s a winner in my book!"

Holly Lorraine Lillis

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What's inside HPP


Learn the role product photography plays in your business and why high-quality product photos matter for your online shop, the mistakes you may be making, and the different types of listing photos you need for your product listings. 


Learn the 7 essential tools you need to take high-quality product photos, and how to get the highest image quality from your smartphone. 


Learn the lighting "pain points" that most handmade sellers experience, and finally learn the basic about light. Learn about the four properties of light, and about the ideal light for product photography. Learn how to modify light under most conditions to achieve the perfect light for your product photos.


Learn how to create images that captivate your audience by creating a clear brand message, and by finally understanding your intended audience. Learn how to compose your images so the shopper's eye goes directly to your product. 


Learn how to edit your images in Snapseed, and finally gain an understanding of the tools available. 


Develop a complete repeatable workflow that's as unique as you are. 


The bonus module current includes a lesson on exposure and using manual setting with your camera. 


Private facebook group for students only where you can get support. No question goes unanswered! 

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The Dragon Girl Char 

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